The Menu

All of our food is made on the premises and we can modify many of the dishes on our menu to accommodate different dietary needs. We hope you enjoy your meal!

We Look forward to sharing with you the recipes that we have enjoyed from Mexico and Latin America with a touch of Miami.


Tabbed Menu



Entrees/Platos Fuertes

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##Chile Relleno
**A toasty Poblano pepper filled with cheese, tomatillo sauce and your choice of choice of chicken or vegetarian, served with casamiento

**Sautéed onions, peppers, served with casamiento, flour tortillas and your choice of chicken, beef or shrimp (All meats add $2.00)

##Peruvian lomo Saltado
**Slice of tender beef steak, cooked with olive oil, soy sauce white wine aji, pepper, tomato, onion with served over French fries or Yucca, served with a side of rice

##Ropa Vieja
**Shredded marinated beef, cooked with red wine and fresh vegetables, served with casamiento and sweet plantains

##Chile En  Nogada
**A toasty poblano pepper, filled with seasoned ground brisket beef combined with raisins and sweet plantains, topped with our delicious,  homemade cold creamy  Nogada Sauce served with white rice.

##Camarones Michuacanos
**Sautéed shrimp with green and red peppers, onions and Mexican chipotle cream sauce. Served with white rice and flour tortillas

##Carne Asada  a la Mexicana
**New York steak marinated  topped with ranchero sauce, served with house salad and casamiento, or Tajaditas.

##Pascado Oaxaca
**Grilled fillet of Tilapia, topped with white wine chipotle cream sauce peppers and Serrano ham, served with house salad and casamiento

##Margarita Salmon
**A fillet of salmon, marinated in tequila, fresh lime juice and spices, cooked with garlic, tomatoes. Served with chipotle mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus

##El maestro seared ahi tuna
**A filet of tuna encrusted with Peruvian spices on top of garlic chipotle mashed potatoes served with julienne vegetables sautéed with el maestro tequila soy sauce fresh ginger and a touch of red roasted wasabi sauce

##Tilapia Caribbean style
**Marinated filet of tilapia cooked with white wine onions sweet peppers topped with mango chutney sauce. Served with rice and salad

##Pork Chop a la Mamajuana
**A thick cut pork chop marinated in citrus and topped with Serrano ham and onion rings, served mashed, potatoes and sautéed vegetables and homemade mama Juana liquor sauce

##Cordero a la barbacoa
**Lamb foreshank slowly cooked in our barbacoa sauce topped with baby cactus served with white rice and our secret homemade green barbacoa sauce